Movement Training

Movement Training is an integrative approach to physical-training that challenges the body in ways often neglected by typical strength and conditioning classes. Movement Training is designed to build a broad base of sustainable pathways of moving through space with power and flow while challenging balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination. With this balanced approach to physical training, you can expect a greater sense of body awareness, creative impulse, and empowerment that can enrich your practice and daily life.

Movement Training draws inspiration from movement practices such as dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, and capoeira. Session often include mobility and flexibility work, bodyweight strength and adaptability, hand-balancing, and body responsiveness.

PRICE: $75 per session ($60 for students/athletes/military/working artists)

M4A Dynamics

M4A (Mixed, Martial, Movement, Mobility Arts) Dynamics are classes and workshops that will address improving power and flow for MMA.  M4A is specifically designed to enhance your practice by focusing on creative movement, end-range strength development, balance, agility, gymnastics, flexibility, core strength, and more.

We are currently running a M4A Dynamics class at North Star MMA in Mt. Airy at 7pm on Wednesdays.

Functional Range Conditioning

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a system of creating, controlling, and expanding usable range of motion, defined as mobility. FRC uses tension and isometrics to minimize neurological safeguards that inhibit mobility in the first place. It is designed to progressively overload the muscles at end range to expand mobility and build strength at the end ranges. By taking a private FRC session, you can expect permanent changes in: increased range of motion, increased muscular strength at end ranges,creating proprioception, and joint function and integrity.

PRICE: $75 per session ($60 for students/athletes/military/working artists)

Training Packages 

6-Week Front Split Program

6-week middle split/Straddle program

6-week Bridge/backbends program

6-week INtro to Movement program

6-WEEK Personally Customized Program 

These preset 6-week programs are geared towards those looking to achieve the foundational positions in a movement practice. Each training program includes 6, 60-minute private sessions that include on goal setting, assessments and adjustments, and strength and flexibility exercises that structure you towards your goal. Along the way, you will receive, via online, daily stretches, strength and mobility exercises, and recovery work to aid in your progress.

PRICE: $425 or $350 for students/athletes/military/working artists