Functional Approaches to Flexibility: Upper & Lower Body Series

TBA!!! This workshop has been successful in the past at yoga studios, dance studios, and CrossFit gyms. Interested in hosting? Contact Alex about having his workshop at your studio!

This two-part workshop offers yogis, movers, and fitness athletes a novel approach to increase flexibility and mobility in the upper and lower body. Instructor, Alex Brazinski, will lead participants through a mindful process of exploring ways to acquire more range of motion and control through foam rolling/self-release techniques, joint preparation, and isometric stretching.  These fundamental techniques will set the foundation for exploring more advanced postures such as splits and backbends. Alex will stimulate each students progression towards realizing new forms of strength and flexibility in the hips, undoubtedly serving each participant's more general movement practice and overall vitality. The material converges research from functional range conditioning, yoga, fascial research, eastern medicine, and martial arts.

M4A Dynamics

M4A (Mixed, Martial, Movement, Mobility Arts) Dynamics are classes and workshops that will address improving power and flow for those pursuing an MMA career or just people looking to move.  M4A is specifically designed to enhance your practice by focusing on creative movement, end-range strength development, balance, agility, gymnastics, flexibility, core strength, and more!

We are currently running a M4A Dynamics class at North Star MMA in Mt. Airy at 7pm on Wednesdays.

Weekly Classes

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